Global Oil Services has a team of professionals with a strong fuel services background. The company has a team of fuel handlers, fuel management, quality assurance inspectors and licensed fuel transport drivers to meet the needs of its clients-no matter how big or small their requirements are.

Our Senior Management is available to interact with contracting offices and customers immedi-ately. The company has offices located in Mazar Sharif, Kabul, Dubai, Kunduz, Herat, Hairaton and Kandahar. This network of strategically located offices gives GOS a competitive advantage to ensure the mission is supported and completed. Our company upholds code of business conduct principles and values. Our company is transparent in its operations and welcome audits by the clients at any time.

To be a leading supplier of petroleum products, sales and service company in the organizational and consumer markets. The company’s objective is to provide customers with quality petroleum products at competitive prices and flexible sales and service network nationwide.

Global Oil Service specializes in the supplying, sale and service of fuel as well as various commodities and transport sectors throughout the country. The company’s employees total 140. Global Oil Service operates a flexible sales and service system throughout the country, emphasizing excellence in service to all its customers. The company strives to provide its customers with quality products at competitive price. Global Oil Service provides complete service of sourcing, transporting, storing and delivery of product on behalf of our client. We are able to get better prices from oil companies / importers / traders due to our large quantity of product requirement on behalf of our many customers. Global Oil Service also strives to create good facilities and environment for its employees to ensure their safety, health and well-being.